Sands of Silver — Silver Sands State Park


This was a pretty unique beach, at least in my experiences. The elevation change along the whole stretch was incredibly shallow, so when the tide rises, the whole place starts flooding, making these really cool islands of sand just sitting out in the water. Meanwhile, low tide leaves some nice tide pools, home sweet home for the mini crabs and hermits. There was even a horseshoe crab! Or as I like to call it, a dinosaur of the sea (even though they predate dinosaurs; oh well :))

The geography of the beach also is what allows for this awesome little sand bar:


…which only shows its face during low tide and disappears once more when the water rises. On the other side, you can reach Charles Island, which I keep wanting to call Turtle Island (flashback to my Ragnarok Online days, where Turtle Island was awesome and I actually had to fight my way through the Porings of Alberta to get onto the ship ^_^). This is the view of the island from the mainland shore:


Happy last 4 days of summer!


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