Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway are both really beautiful roads to drive down. Well, I’m not really sure how the experience is when you’re actually the one in the driver’s seat, but I can tell you that the view from the passenger side is great. I’d venture a guess and say that it’s probably a pretty great road to drive down too, and this I can actually say based on experience: when I was practicing for my road test, I drove down the Taconic State Parkway almost every weekend for a little over a month, and that was also one hella pretty parkway. I definitely preferred that road over most others. Anyways, case in point… sort of.

We ended up driving out as the sun was going down (road closed at 5:30 apparently, although I doubt we would’ve been in any trouble if we’d lingered a bit longer – there were still plenty of people left at the place where we were waiting for sunset). It looked like the sun was going to dip into the clouds and get blocked anyway, though, so not much protest here. Still, the moments before that were gold.

I know a lot of nature photographers try to get rid of the human element in their photos, but for me, that human element sometimes really adds to the picture. For some reason, whenever I look at this photo, the silhouettes emphasize the serenity that I felt standing there looking out over the mountains as the sun sank slowly towards the horizon, giving it that extra emotional dimension that might have been absent otherwise.


Omake: There was this rock that looked kind of like Pride Rock, and so naturally, we just had to reenact the opening scene from the Lion King. After all, IT’S THE CIIIIIRCLE OF LIIIIIFE…!

…yes I carry a penguin pillow pet around with me, thank you for asking. His name is Percy and he loves Christmas.


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