About Me!

Hi! I’m an amateur nature photographer who occasionally dabbles in other types of photography.

I was originally inspired to start photography in 2011 after watching Phineas and Ferb of all things. I set out to make the most of my summer break, even though my break was a lot shorter than the “hundred and four days of summer vacation” that Phineas and Ferb apparently enjoyed. What started simply as a way to document the things I did over the summer quickly grew into a love of capturing those fleeting moments in life that ordinarily would just pass you by.

Along my journey, I’ve encountered a lot of conflicting philosophies on just what it means to be a photographer. Some saw photography as art, others saw it as truth. I thought when I first started out that I knew where I stood, but to be honest, I’m not sure I ever really did. What I do know is that I believe in capturing how I see the world. Whether that’s the ‘truth’ or not, well that’s up for debate. But whatever it is, it’s my truth. I never set out to be a photojournalist, and I didn’t set out to be an artist either. All I wanted was to remember the moment, to capture those stories and those emotions and all the countless other things that make up that little piece of history. And that’s still what I want, and it will continue to be what I want. That much I know for sure.

Photography has taken me to amazing places, both literally and figuratively, and I’ll continue to follow it — wherever the clouds take me next.



2 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Thanks for the recent visit to (and follow of) my blog. It brought me here and I’ve spent some time looking through your recent posts. You have a good eye for the landscape and, based on what I’ve seen, you have what it takes to take your photography to the next level if you’re so inclined.

    Keep at it!

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