Baker’s Craft


It’s really cool sometimes watching food get made. These honey dough snacks (I’m not really sure what they are) tasted really good. We got them freshly made 🙂

On a related note, watching pretzels get made is the best thing ever.


Holiday Magic

DSC_0026 (2)

Happy Holidays! Don’t forget the cookies and milk for Santa 🙂

Sakuras Galore! DC’s National Cherry Blossom Festival

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been more than 2 months since I posted something. Now that it’s spring break, though, I decided it was about time I finally got out and took some photos, and what better place to go than the National Cherry Blossom Festival?


The cherry blossoms were in full bloom this weekend. I’d say my timing was a lot better than last year.


Pink and blue: my old favorite color and my current favorite color. And a little bit of green, which is nowhere near the top of my favorite colors list but that’s okay.


The classic cherry blossoms in the front, Jefferson Memorial in the back photo 🙂


Sweet, cherry blossoms growing straight from the trunk. No branches necessary.


Of course, the whole place was packed with people. I finally gave up and just sat under a tree when I kept accidentally walking in front of people trying to take pictures.


The cherry blossom trees actually look pretty awesome at night. They look like they’re glowing in the darkness when they’re lit from the back.


A peaceful scene at the waterfront of the Jefferson Memorial 🙂

Icy Armor


I have no idea when or why I started spelling things British-ly. I was seriously tempted to write ‘armour’ instead of ‘armor’ :/

Frozen in Life


First big freeze of the year 🙂 The town almost died getting out of their driveways this morning trying to get to school, it’s all good.
But seriously, it’s so cool (haha pun intended :P) there’s just a layer of ice on literally every surface outside. My trampoline had a sheet of ice on top, and of course I just had to go and shatter it. It was so awesome 😀 I felt like I was about to fall into a lake or something.

Before and after pics of my trampoline:

By the Light of the Sun


This was an assignment from my photography class for backlit photos. Turned out pretty good, considering the quality of my the last assignment I turned in hehe (I’ma try and forget I ever took those photos -_-)

Guiding the Way


Yay, cairns! I had a lucky token with a cairn engraving that was supposed to be for safe journeys, but I lost it the next day when I was hiking. It fell out through a hole in my pocket meant for headphones… 😦

Path of Six Glaciers, Lake Louise, Banff NP, AB, Canada